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Bar Exam Interview

Ashley Wins Atlanta Bar Exam Showcase Tournament

Her first performance ever in Atlanta and Ashley wins the title. Hear about her Bar Exam experience and more!

Crooked Pint Ale House

Killing Me Softly (Live cover)

Ashley performs Killing Me Softly cover live at Crooked Pint Ale house. Her fans are clearly family, taking the stage so freely and Ashley clearly wouldn't have it any other way.

I Want A Love

I Want A Love ft. Mike Dreams

Oh to love and to be loved.

Lose A Good Thing

Lose A Good Thing

Sometimes you don't appreciate what you got until it's gone. Ashley talks about that phenomenon with this 90s-esque single, Lose A Good Thing.

Life Goes On

Life Goes On

It goes on, it goes on.

Be You – Cameo Video

Be You - Cameo Video

Lots of lovely people came out to show of their beautiful selves for the Be You music video. Here are a few clips to make you smile. Enjoy!

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